Van Lanschot Chabot - Manual matching of current accounts belong to the past

”With MediusFlow as a matching engine and workflow for processing our current accounts, Van Lanschot Chabot can be more responsive to customers and insurance companies alike. And that’s a tangible value we get by using of MediusFlow”, explains Erwin Peek - financial and general affairs manager of Van Lanschot Chabot.
Van Lanschot Chabot choose MediusFlow

"Matching of current account statements is a precision task, which when performed manually is very time consuming. Although it is vital for our accounting practices, it adds very little value to our customers, so we need to manage the process as efficiently as possible”, says Erwin Peek financial and general affairs manager of Van Lanschot Chabot, one of the Netherlands largest insurance brokers.

Operational excellence and process efficiency is high on the agenda for Van Lanschot Chabot, who recently implemented MediusFlow and ReadSoft to transform their current accounts processing.

Van Lanschot Chabot combined MediusFlow with ReadSoft to capture and match incoming current account statements, digitizing and automating a previously paper based process. With MediusFlow, Van Lanschot Chabot have drastically reduced the time needed for current accounts processing, reduce the number of FTE’s that performed current account matching by half in the process.

Learn more about how you can extend your finance process automation coverage in the Van Lanschot Chabot success story (PDF).

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