Stadium saves 4000 hours of work with MediusFlow

When a company grows like crazy, you’ve got to have supporting systems that can keep up. As the largest sports chain in the Nordic Region, Stadium is well aware of this. With MediusFlow, Stadium can open ten new stores per year without increasing resources for AP invoice automation, and also save 4000 hours of work every year!

Stadium save time & money with MediusFlow invoice automation 

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“We had reached a limit where it was time to take the step toward a modern process and had been looking for the right workflow solution for awhile. When we got in touch with Medius, everything fell into place, because they were well-established, provided a stable product and had strong references for integrations with the IFS ERP system,” says Peter Hjern, Stadium's CFO.

50,000 overheard invoices are now sent from all countries to the service office in Sweden where they are scanned and go into MediusFlow. Store managers can easily access invoices for approval via computers or mobile devices – quickly, securely and easily.

More invoices - greater savings

With ten new stores opened per year, one thing is for sure: Stadium’s overhead invoices are steadily rising. But with MediusFlow, there are now fewer people managing invoice flows.

“The investment quickly became profitable. If you factor in that our store managers save 30 minutes a week on the actual time spent on invoice management, that gives you 4000 saved hours per year", says Peter Hjern.