MediusFlow paves a smooth road for AP invoice automation at S&S Cycle

Founded in 1958, S&S Cycle™ manufactures a complete line of motorcycle performance products in Viola, WI. S&S Cycle runs around 25,000 invoices a year and uses MediusFlow for probably 90% of them. Anything that can be scanned goes into MediusFlow.

 S&S Cycle choose MediusFlow for their invoice processing

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Leslie Heding estimates the finance department now saves about 20 minutes processing time per invoice. A large part of these savings is due to automated PO-matching.

“Before we got MediusFlow, everything had to be matched manually”, said Leslie Heding, Lead Accountant at S&S Cycle. “We spent a lot of time just pushing paperwork around. Now, it’s a whole different story. We start by capturing data, which is then routed automatically into the workflow for PO-matching, variance management and then on for approval. Once the invoices are approved or matched they get posted into the ERP.”

Easy integration and implementation

Delivered in the cloud, MediusFlow doesn’t require any special hardware or other resources to run and is easily integrated with the existing ERP system, which is SAP. Implementing the solution is also very straightforward.The finance team at S&S Cycle was able to see results from day one.

“Moving over to MediusFlow was really easy. It takes about five minutes to train a person to use the solution. It’s a very simple structure. With some people we didn’t even have to show anything, they went right into the system and started working in it. MediusFlow has really revolutionized things for us and I’d hate to go back to the manual system”, concludes Leslie Heding, Lead Account at S&S Cycle.

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