Elekta - faster invoice processing with MediusFlow

When the medical technology company Elekta decided to implement electronic invoicing in England, Sweden, and the Netherlands, they realized that the functionality in Movex ADC would not be enough. The solution to this problem was found at Inspiration Day in Linköping.

From a purchasing perspective, Elekta's most extensive activities are in England. Therefore, there was a great need for a clearer and more organized invoicing system with line-level matching and a simpler user interface. They also wanted to be able to see the current positioning in the flow more easily and to be able to change the flow in the system.

When Erik Samuelsson, ERP Product and Program Manager at Elekta Instrument AB, visited Inspiration Day in Linköping he was given a demonstration of MediusFlow,

 a system with the exact features Elekta was looking for. The fact that Medius also had a different pricing model than Lawson/Infor made the decision easy to justify.

In January/February 2011, three parallel roll-outs were conducted in Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. However, it is in England that Elekta has its biggest operations in terms of purchasing and invoicing. More items, more employees, more invoices more everything. With MediusFlow, it is possible to process more invoices with the same number of employees. And this concerns large volumes – approximately 60,000 invoices a year in England alone.

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