Raad van Commissarissen

Markus Gerdien, Chairman

Other directorships: Chairman of IAR Systems (publ.) and Common-Agenda Venture Management. Board member of Extenda.
Previous positions: Senior positions in companies including; Orc Group, NASDAQ OMX, Observer (Cision) and SunGard.

Gunnar Fernström, Board member

Other directorships: Chairman of Chalmers Industri Teknik. Board member of Besedo Global Services, PBM, Chalmers Innovation and Scienta Scientific.
Current position: Investment Director of InnovationsKapital Nordic Advisors.
Previous positions: Include Managing Director of Health Care Division and the Absorbent Products Supply Division at SCA Mölnlycke and Executive Vice President of the SCA Mölnlycke Group.

Gunnel Duveblad, Board member

Other directorships:

Chairman of Team Olivia, Global Scaning A/S and Stiftelsen Ruter Dam. Board member of HiQ International (publ.), Sweco (publ) and PostNord, among others.
Current position: Directorships.
Previous positions: CEO of EDS Northern Europe and executive positions at IBM.

Mikael Lindblom, Board member

Current position: SVP Medius.
Previous positions: CEO of Medius, CFO of IFS Sverige, CEO of Booksy and Sales Manager at SYSteam CAB.

Joakim Skarborg, Board member

Other directorships: Educations.com Media Group, Upgrades Education, Vården.se, Json Handels (deputy) and Hyper Island (deputy).
Current position: Investment Manager at Novax (an Axel Johnson company).
Previous positions: Access Partners and KPMG.