Pergamijn automates invoice processing with MediusFlow and Microsoft Dynamics

"The Pergamijn Foundation receives 20,000 invoices annually, which were manually imported into Microsoft NAV. It was a time-consuming activity, since we also made copies of the invoices; which were then distributed throughout the organization for approval. With 63 teams, 56 team leaders and 100 managers spread over 45 locations, it was a cumbersome process to manage our invoices", says Dennis Coumans, Team Leader of Back Office Economics and Finance at the Pergamijn Foundation, a caregiver organization which provides tailored care to people with mental disabilities.

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Pergmijn choose MediusFlow for their invoice processing

With ReadSoft and MediusFlow, Pergamijn could implement a fully automated solution for processing incoming invoices. At the time, 90% of all incoming invoices are on paper and the remaining 10% sent to Pergamijn via email as PDF-files. The ReadSoft solution interprets the data from the incoming invoices and transfers the data and invoice image to Mediusflow, where the invoices enter appropriate approval processes.

Getting started with Invoice Automation

Pergamijn started their journey towards invoice automation with a workshop in which all stakeholders participated in order to make sure all demands were clear. Initially, the integration with Microsoft NAV was the biggest concern for Pergamijn, but the workshop also included a demonstration of the complete solution which was well received by the end users. The implementation of ReadSoft, Medius and integration with NAV was quick and without obstacles.

"The Microsoft NAV integration is a standard integration for MediusFlow, it works flawlessly so there was little reason for concern, explains Dennis Coumans. “With MediusFlow we have a trusted and transparent solution that enables us to track approval status directly."

Working with MediusFlow

"The MediusFlow solution has been very well received by our staff”, Dennis Coumans continues. “The solution is user friendly and we always know where in the process the invoices are. Quality and control have been greatly improved, so we can work more professionally. We can have financial reports ready on call and we now follow a tight approval schedule. Our employees no longer need to deal with awkward conversations with vendors about the status of a payment, which makes working here much more enjoyable.”