Medius helping NTM create a foundation for the future

NTM manages newspapers & magazines, radio & TV programs and Internet content via six media companies. You always need to be one step ahead in this rapidly changing media world. But developing channels based on the needs of media consumers is not the only thing needed here. The business’s financial processes also needed to be modernized so they could contribute to NTM’s growth.

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In addition to the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, NTM decided it also wanted to use MediusFlow for AP invoice automation. With 36,000 invoices per year, time and resources are saved from managing incoming paper invoices.

“Implementing automated invoices, both outgoing and incoming, enables us to further streamline the system and cut costs for invoice management. We also feel that we are ready, and our suppliers are ready for automated invoices now and see the great advantages of gradually reducing the number of paper invoices", says Jan Eric Johansson, NTM's CFO.

A marriage for the future

Six months of full focus. That was what was needed to successfully launch the new ERP system and MediusFlow. The project was 100% on schedule.

“We worked in close collaboration with Medius and they worked very hard. They are good listeners, structured and take really good care of us. Now that we have launched these systems, you could compare our relationship to a marriage. The idea is for it to last for life and we see Medius as a stable partner that we can rely on in the future,” says NTM CFO Jan Eric Johansson in conclusion.