MediusFlow increases accounting transparency at HarperCollins

With a story that begins with Angus & Robertson in the 1880s, HarperCollins occupies a unique place in Australian and New Zealand publishing. But old traditions do not prevent the company from using modern, cutting-edge technology. Since November 2013, all invoice processing is processed using MediusFlow.

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The book publisher HarperCollins choose MediusFlow

Before implementing MediusFlow, all the company’s invoices were processed manually. It was a highly time-intensive effort, from opening the letters to copying, distributing, approving, recording and archiving.

“After we went live with MediusFlow in Australia in November 2013, invoice processing was significantly streamlined with complete transparency and accessibility of invoice status”, said Stephane Beauge, Head of Finance at HarperCollins Australia & New Zealand.

Increased transparency

The optimized and fully transparent process chain also means the numbers are more accurate and the risk of human errors is limited.

“The fact that everything is now online is great in terms of audit trail”, said Stephane Beauge. “There is a lot of time saved just by being able to search and retrieve the invoices from an electronic archive. For us, the online capabilities are probably the biggest plus of the MediusFlow system, along with the automation of Approval Workflow.”