Improve invoice processing with full security and no extra effort

Working in IT, you are continually looking for products that will deliver efficiency to core aspects of business processes while protecting valuable capital – intellectual and otherwise, and generating significant cost savings. One business function that can deliver substantial ROI and streamline operations is AP invoice automation.


Effective AP automation systems save time and money by improving internal workflow and reducing the reliance on inefficient paper processes. All information can be digitally trailed and made easily accessible in the cloud or hosted locally. Both options offer maximized transparency and security.

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The benefits of MediusFlow:

  • Cloud delivery eliminates need for costly infrastructure, secures your investment and means that your organization always has access to the latest software
  • Built on Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Pre-packaged integration to all major ERP systems for facilitated work. Functions perfectly in a multi-ERP environment.
  • Best practice from more than 1,700 installations around the world, handling more than 45 million invoices
  • Strong, global support network of highly dedicated professionals, decreasing pressure on internal IT support functions

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