Automated invoice processing with MediusFlow Invoice

MediusFlow Invoice is a dynamic and intuitive accounts payable workflow solution that enables you to automate the incoming invoice process. Minimizing manual work as well as the risk of human errors and fraud, MediusFlow Invoice enables record-height touchless invoice processing rates.


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Key features

  • One capture channel for all invoices
  • Dynamic business rule based validation
  • Automated coding and distribution for efficient invoice management
  • Easy reporting functionality for full invoice process transparency
  • Available via computer, tablet and mobile

"With MediusFlow we can route invoices directly to the right person for approval. Invoices are in a closed system, so they can’t get lost. And, for the first time, the business has clear visibility into everything that’s been processed and everything that’s in the queue—with almost no data entry needed—which makes everyone more confident."
Maulik Patel, Sr. Manager of IT Finance, Marc Jacobs

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The accounts payable workflow solution making invoice processing easy

Based on pre-defined business rules, MediusFlow Invoice automatically codes and distributes invoices for approval. All approvals are tracked in the audit trail to guarantee compliance with internal as well as external rules and regulations.

MediusFlow includes a digital invoice archive, enabling all users with appropriate access rights to access processed invoices. In the archive, MediusFlow stores both the invoice and all related data. With MediusFlow’s built-in reporting functionality, AP staff and management can easily retrieve archived invoices at the click of a button.

MediusFlow also provides process analysis reports, so that you can discover bottlenecks. You can also analyze supplier performance to quickly identify low performing suppliers. In addition, our unique benchmarking capabilities will help you compare your invoice processing performance with the average – and the leaders – so that you can pinpoint optimization efforts needed.

Accrual accounting, where costs are distributed over a period of time, can be done directly in MediusFlow.

Easy ERP integration

MediusFlow Invoice retrieves supplier master data, chart of accounts and other coding dimensions straight from your ERP. Invoice bookings are sent back to the ERP for a fully automated process. MediusFlow Invoice can pre-book invoices in the ERP-backend and also suggest best practice accounting schemes based on invoice data in combination with organizational business rules.

Extending the process

To further increase automation, you can leverage MediusFlow Procurement and Contract. MediusFlow Procurement and Contract enable you to automate the AP invoice process further and to better manage your spend and provide the foundation for increased matching capabilities.

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“With MediusFlow we have a trusted and transparent solution that enables us to track approval status directly." 
Dennis Coumans, Team Leader of Back Office Economics and Finance, The Pergamijn Foundation

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