MediusFlow Contract - match your invoices to procurement contracts

MediusFlow Contract enables organizations to gain full control over their procurement contracts. MediusFlow Contract is an add-on module that will increase the automation in your AP invoice process. It is also an easy-to-use and searchable contract archive. It enables organizations using MediusFlow Match and MediusFlow Procurement to leverage intelligent invoice matching as invoices can be matched against purchase order, goods receipt as well as contract terms to ensure compliance.

MediusFlow Contract

Key features

  • Easy to use and intuitive contract archive
  • Invoice plan for recurring and predictable invoices
  • Easy monitoring of contract usage

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Easy to use contract archive

MediusFlow Contract is the perfect solution for organizations looking for an intuitive, easy to use contract management tool that provides better visibility, control and leverage of supplier contracts.

MediusFlow Contract provides a central digital contract archive for supplier contracts. Contracts, and contract usage, are made visible for the entire organization, or for those that the contracts impact based on role or organization/geography.

MediusFlow Contract

Invoice plan for recurring and predictable invoices

MediusFlow Contract is a great tool for automating the handling of recurring cost such as rent, subscriptions, memberships etc. The contract invoice plan defines the expected occurrence of future invoices with amounts, tolerances, accounting information and invoice dates defined.

When invoices arrive they are matched to the contract invoice plan for touchless processing. Invoices are coded and approved if within tolerance. If tolerances are breached, the invoice will be routed for manual approval.

Transparent contract usage

MediusFlow Contract provides both contract data that increases matching capabilities, as well as captures contract usage. All invoices matched to a contract can be retrieved and all items purchased against a contract are summarized on the contract front page. This provides clear and up to date information about how a contract is being used by your organization based on actual transaction data.

The contract usage functionality truly sets MediusFlow Contract apart from its peers. It provides organizations with real-time insight into contracted spend.

Contract repository

Signed contracts can be scanned into MediusFlow. Automatic reminders are created to ensure that contract renewals are timely and well planned. Easy to use search tools provide instant access to scanned contracts and caters for most ad-hoc reporting needs.

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