MediusFlow facilitates data capture and e-invoicing

MediusFlow can process invoices of any format – EDI, e-invoices, PDF as well as paper.  Basic validation of invoice information is performed at the point of scanning/receiving. Original invoices are kept for archiving while you are provided with only the correct invoice content for your business processes.

MediusFlow illustration

Key features

  • Automates the entire data collection process
  • Extracts information from documents arriving in any format (paper, fax, email, web, etc.), translates it and transports it into your computer system for further processing
  • Automatically captures information from printed as well as handwritten documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).

The benefits of using MediusFlow for data capture are reduced processing costs, faster processing, fewer keying errors and better reporting.

Read more about the advantages of MediusFlow, watch a 15 min demo or contact us directly for a demo at your site.

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