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MediusFlow is so easy your colleagues will love it.
And love you for implementing it.

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Outstanding user experience for fast and easy invoice approvals

MediusFlow’s modern and intuitive user interface makes it easy to use regardless of user role, familiarity with the system or type of device.
  • Users are up and running after 30 minutes of training (at most).
  • The mobile web app allows approvers to access invoices and take action 24/7, with any mobile device.
  • Powerful, convenient user-driven reporting and dashboards increase transparency and control.
  • Easily configurable to match your existing business processes without costly adaptations or IT projects.

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 “We could all stay home and let the system do its magic. Jokes aside, I believe this is a real treat for everyone involved. The accounts payable staff, our managers and all employees safely approve invoices on their smartphones while on the road. There is of course always room for improvement and we constantly strive to grow every step along the way. For instance, we encourage more and more suppliers to send electronic invoices rather than paper ones." 
Andrew Ainsworth, Finance Manager Elekta UK

Learn more about how Elekta grew their yearly invoice volume from 50,000 to 120,000 without additional accounts payable staff thanks to MediusFlow. Download full case study.

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