Accelerate AP invoice approval with mobile

The MediusFlow mobile web app allows approvers to access invoices and take action 24/7, on the go, at home or wherever they want, with any mobile device. We bring the simplicity you would expect from a mobile solution to the complex world of AP processing. The result: shortened invoice processing lead time and happy users.

Approve invoices on the go – faster, easier and more convenient

Approvers can view and take action on their invoices via the mobile web app:

  • Approve or reject expense invoices
  • Add or update coding
  • Approve or reject deviations outside of tolerance for order based (PO) invoices
  • Approve purchase requisitions created in our Procurement application

In this way, invoice approvers will be able to handle all invoices faster, easier and more conveniently. And there is no need for lengthy training; the mobile web app is super intuitive and user friendly. With the MediusFlow web app, you can transform the task of invoice approval from being something tedious and dreary to being the managers’ favorite task of the week!

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Your gain: time savings and user satisfaction

Implement the MediusFlow mobile web app and experience the benefits of a modern and user friendly AP automation solution, such as:

  • High user adoption – since the MediusFlow mobile solution is not a separate application, there is no need to download or implement anything – it is simply accessible via a mobile web browser.
  • Time savings for approvers as well as the AP department – introducing the mobile web app will dramatically shorten the lead time for invoice approval.
  • One process for all invoices – the mobile web app includes approval functionality for expense invoices as well as for deviations on order based (PO) invoices

    Discover AP invoice automation made easy. Read more about MediusFlow, watch a 15 min demo or contact us directly for a demo at your site.

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