Accelerate invoice processing with true cloud

Built for the cloud, MediusFlow provides you with tremendous speed to value.

A true cloud solution unlocks rapid deployment, automatic hassle-free upgrades and significantly lower IT costs.

Users are able to access MediusFlow anytime, anywhere, on any device using a web browser, which both increases productivity and enhances user experience.

The benefits of cloud-based AP invoice automation

With MediusFlow you’ll experience the benefits of a true cloud solution:
  • Rapid and easy deployment with pre-packaged ERP-integrations (check out case study: AP automation in less than a week).
  • Free and automatic product upgrades giving you the latest and greatest technology available at all times.
  • Best practices from the entire MediusFlow user community are built into the product and released as part of monthly, automatic upgrades.
  • Predictable and lower cost over time with a subscription-based model and no need for costly upgrade projects.
  • Your IT resources are freed up for their main task – to help run your business.
  • Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, you get the security, stability and peace of mind you need to stay focused on your business goals.
  • Relevant benchmark figures based on real companies using the exact same process so that you can compare your performance with the average – and the leaders.
Video demo: cloud-based AP invoice automation

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