Advanced AP invoice automation in the cloud

Built for the cloud, MediusFlow provides you with tremendous speed to value. You benefit from our deep AP experience and leverage best practices embedded in the solution. Delivery in the cloud brings rapid deployment, automatic hassle-free upgrades and significantly reduced IT costs. Users are able to access MediusFlow anytime, anywhere, on any device with a web browser which increases both productivity and enhances user experience. 

Medius cloud solution

MediusFlow highlights:

Achieve greater flexibility and lower costs. Specifically designed to help you avoid lengthy deployment cycles, MediusFlow requires nothing more than an internet connection and web browser.

  • Exceptional value for the money as you benefit from all our accumulated knowledge and best practice
  • Flexibility of work practices through access anytime, anywhere
  • Always the latest technology and highest security, including automatic backup, without unnecessary IT costs, and no need for troublesome and costly upgrades
  • Easy deployment and scalability
  • Increased information security due to our strict security standards and practices
  • Your IT resources are freed up for their main task – to help run the business
  • Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform

Discover AP invoice automation made easy. Read more about MediusFlow, watch a 15 min demo or contact us directly for a demo at your site.

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