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Our users can manage more than 90% of invoices in a fully touchless process with no user interaction whatsoever thanks to MediusFlow’s powerful and dynamic matching capabilities.

Even when there is no supporting document, such as a purchase order, to match against, MediusFlow can automate every step of the workflow to minimize manual work and accelerate processing lead times.

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It’s all about the invoices you never see

With MediusFlow you get access to an unrivalled matching engine and flexible automation functionality that will propel you on your journey towards a fully touchless AP invoice process.

  • Dynamic matching of invoices against a purchase order, goods receipt note or contract on header, line total or line detail level.
  • Flexible configuration of exception and tolerance levels based on your business rules so that you can automate processing of your common deviations, such as freight and handling costs.
  • Efficient deviation management presenting the right deviation details to the right people at the right time to simplify and speed up approval processes.
  • Analytics and reporting tools to help you identify bottlenecks or issues in the process, such as supplier non-compliance with the agreed invoice data format, so that you can work to continuously improve the process.
  • Sophisticated workflow functionality eliminates manual work by automating coding, distribution and approval of non-PO invoices based on your business rules and organizational structure.
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"With more than 90% of all accounts payable invoices now automated and essentially touchless, we now have control of our true financial picture. Everyone is thrilled – the AP team, the business, our suppliers. The outcome is absolutely remarkable!" 
Elise Byrd, AP Manager, Silver Eagle Distributors

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