The next generation AP invoice automation solution

MediusFlow is the most powerful and dynamic AP invoice automation solution on the market today; intuitive and easy to use as well as simple to implement; yet flexible and scalable to meet the demands of global organizations.


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What's in it for me?

With MediusFlow you get...

  • Powerful invoice matching that eliminates tedious routine work and enables fully touchless invoice processing.
  • Modern and intuitive user interface facilitates use independent of user role, familiarity with the system or type of device.
  • A solution built for the cloud, leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, giving you the security, stability and peace of mind you need to focus on your business goals.
  • Analytics tools and reporting to help you track your AP invoice processing performance and see how you stack up to your industry peers thanks to unique benchmarks.
  • Best practice from more than 1,700 customer installations around the world, handling 45 million invoices per year, built into the product and included in regular product upgrades.
  • Extensive global support available through our portal, by e-mail or by phone. We can even connect to your desktop and give remote support if needed.

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Built to drive touchless AP invoice processing

MediusFlow is a modern, next-generation, cloud-based AP invoice automation solution designed to maximize straight through (touchless) invoice processing. With MediusFlow, organizations can automate many manual financial processes, achieving up to 95% fully touchless invoice processing.

Built by a team with 15+ years of experience solving AP challenges, MediusFlow AP invoice automation solutions offer tremendous opportunities for time and cost savings. And we’ll help you get on track: thanks to the cloud and a standardized product offering we can present real-life benchmark data to help you set goals for your touchless ratio and other important AP process KPIs.

Discover AP invoice automation made easy. Read more about MediusFlow, watch a 15 min demo or contact us directly for a demo at your site.

“With MediusFlow as a matching engine and workflow for processing our current accounts, Van Lanschot Chabot can be more responsive to customers and insurance companies alike. And that’s a tangible value we get by using of MediusFlow." 
Erwin Peek, Financial and General Affairs Manager, Van Lanschot Chabot

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