The true cost of paper

Every organization needs to focus on improving business operations to support sustainable profitability. Invoice reconciliation, payments and spend management are key areas yet every manual step in the process introduces inefficiency and the potential for errors and overspend. The resulting lack of control and visibility represents a huge opportunity for improvement.

White paper: The true cost of paper

Download this white paper to understand the true cost of paper and conduct the self-evaluation “Is It Time to Go Paperless?” at the end of the whitepaper and see how many scenarios apply to your organization.

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Case study webinar: The truth behind accrual surprises

Watch this webinar to hear Elise Byrd, AP Manager at Silver Eagle Distributors, share her organization’s remarkable journey from a highly manual, paper-based and cumbersome process to fully automated AP workflows with 90% of invoices managed by a touchless process.

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