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Sven Bergland Medius

My name is Sven Bergland and I’m the Customer Experience Manager and manager of Global Service Center at Medius. I’ve been with the company for 3 years. Prior to Medius I worked in various management positions in eProcurement and eInvoicing such as Head of Public Sector eProcurement at Capgemini.

My role at Medius

My role is to lead our Service Centers and support units. This includes daily operations as well as strategic development of our functions. As our company grows into a global leader in cloud based AP automation, there are many steps of change to complete before we fully realize our transformation. We continuously work to improve the support and other services we provide in order to help our customers run their systems smoothly and achieve solid returns on their investments with us. As part of Medius Global Management Group, I always stand up for our customers and take a customer advocate role.

A standard working day

We are a team of 20 people, so just like any other manager, my days are full of short-term, and long-term, discussions with my team. I am also responsible for planning our customer communications for product releases and all incident information. We have two team managers who, together with their teams in Sweden, Poland and in the US, take care of the approximately 50-70 support tickets that we handle per day. They are our true technical and system experts.

What I value most about working at Medius

Medius’ services are excellent and the systems we deliver help our customers achieve greater efficiency. It is very inspiring to work and interact with our talented staff in many countries. We are a truly international company and I get to experience different cultures – both internally but also with our customers, every day. Medius has been a market leader for many years and it is fun to work with all the new technologies we harness to better serve our customers. Plus, working in the support area never gets boring - one day is not like any other, and our team faces new challenges every day.

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