Meet the team: Monika Cieslik

My name is Monika Cieslik, I work at Medius as a business analyst in the R&D department in Krakow, Poland.

My role at Medius

As a business analyst I serve as the link between customers and developers. My experience from various finance positions including AP accountant and treasury analyst with big multinational corporations as well as small local companies in Poland, France and the US gives me a solid understanding of our customers’ needs. I feel that having this business perspective is very important when dealing with IT people.

A typical working day

Every day I work with different business cases that will be transformed into technical specifications needed to implement new features and improve existing solutions.

The process starts with a specific demand. The next step is to compile all the requirements, and to recognize the goal, assumptions and constraints. All aspects of a problem and system limitations must be taken into consideration, because we cannot afford to disappoint other customers by satisfying one. The next stage is to help developers understand the business background of each new feature.

Additionally, I’m involved in the implementation process from the very beginning – so from when there is a need until the very end when it’s time to ask for feedback. I also participate in our internal testing procedures, which are crucial to deliver a best-in-class product. I work closely with the Service Centre team to help them recognize and solve issues that our customers struggle with.

What I value most about working at Medius

No day is like the previous one, so I’m never bored. I work on multiple features and projects at a time with different teams. I like the Swedish work culture, which gives me a good work-life balance and a nice atmosphere in the office with team activities like the weekly breakfasts and coffee breaks (“fikas”).

But most of all I value the people that I meet every day – my Medius colleagues and customers. When I’m at work I feel inspired, curious and motivated. I learn, discover and explore all the time – that’s why I like working here.