• AP automation with true matching

    Reduce your invoice processing cost by up to 90%

Gain control and reduce time spent on AP invoice automation by up to 90%

Automate our invoice process with MediusFlow

  • Reduce the overall invoice processing costs by up to 90%
  • Remove paper and eliminate manual entry and manual errors
  • Gain control and speed up the invoice approval and improve cash management
  • Automate coding, flexible approval routing and 2, 3 or 4-way matching
  • Approve invoices on the go via mobile, tablet or web
  • Let the AP department focus on exceptions instead of handling every invoice - More time for value adding tasks

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MediusFlow highlights:

  • A modern, second generation, solution designed to maximize straight through (touchless) invoice processing
  • Cloud solution with best practice from more than 1,500 customers around the world, handling more than 40 million invoices annually
  • Powerful 2-, 3-, or 4-way true matching functionality reduce time spent per invoice, minimize errors and increase control
  • Intuitive and modern user interface 
  • A global support and service organisation
  • Standard integration with the most common ERP systems
  • Available from the web, mobile or tablet, it allows you to approve invoices on the go

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Is your Accounts Payable department buried in invoice processing that is mired with manual tasks and exceptions? It is time consuming and expensive and it is error-prone with little or no control and leads to invoice approval delays, late payment fees, and missed discount capture. With an automated invoice process your AP staff can focus on more value adding tasks.  

With MediusFlow, a second generation AP invoice automation solution with true matching capabilities, you can automate the invoice process and reduce the processing cost by up 90%. 

“We started the project with a team of eight and we are now doing substantially more volume with a team of four" 
Guthy Renker

“Processing time for AP invoices has dropped 70% since implementing Medius." 
GKN Aerospace

“With the same staffing, we now process 75,000 invoices per year as opposed to 25,000 invoices pre-MediusFlow, an increase of nearly 200%." 
Bosch IVT

MediusFlow automates the entire invoice process and includes modules for automating the approval process, matching, procurement and contract management

MediusFlow invoice process

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