• Go paperless with AP invoice automation

    Reduce time and cost by up to 90% with MediusFlow

A next generation AP invoice automation solution

MediusFlow is an AP invoice automation solution that helps automate and accelerate your organization’s accounts payable process, driving important cost and time savings, improving supplier relationships and capturing early payment discounts to add to your bottom line.

What we offer:

  • A modern, cloud based AP invoice automation solution built on best practices from over 1500 customers around the world
  • An intuitive and user friendly interface available everywhere - desktop as well as mobile devices
  • Unrivalled matching capabilities to drive invoice automation for a fully paperless process
  • System support for coding, approval hierarchies and routing to increase accuracy and process quality
  • Easy and standardized integration to the largest ERP systems on the market

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What our customers say

"Moving over to MediusFlow was really easy. It takes about five minutes to train a person to use the solution. It’s a very simple structure. With some people we didn’t even have to show anything, they went right into the system and started working in it. MediusFlow has really revolutionized things for us and I’d hate to go back to the manual system.” - Leslie Heding, Lead Account at S&S Cycle

"I would say we save approximately $60,000 per year in processing costs at a very minimum. Prior to MediusFlow our managers were tied up 3-4 hours a week with administrative tasks related to processing paper workflows, which represent lost time when they are not generating revenue. With MediusFlow we have been able to minimize this time which has been extremely important for us.” – Laura Jurica, Controller, Andrews Distribution

Did you know? We can support your organization’s purchase to pay process all the way from contract and procurement to invoice and payment – continue to our website to learn more and visit our knowledge center for more educational content on AP invoice automation.