Automate your AP invoice processing

Automated invoice processing removes the manual and paper-based processes from your workflow allowing for a faster and more efficient accounts payable process, creating financial control and freeing up time for more value-adding tasks.

By letting an invoice processing software handle the simple stuff, your accounts payable team can focus on what really matters – supporting the business to run more efficiently and improving supplier relationships by driving on-time payments.


MediusFlow helps accelerate your AP invoice processing

MediusFlow covers the full AP invoice process, from capture and validation through coding, distribution, approval, archiving and reporting, and provides a flexible and powerful foundation for fully automated invoice processing.

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MediusFlow can process invoices of any format – EDI, e-invoices, PDF as well as paper. It automatically matches your invoices against POs and goods receipts and resolves common deviations, such as shipping and handling charges. This results in highly intelligent invoice automation where only truly objectionable deviations require intervention and analysis before approval and payment. Integration with your ERP system automates the posting of the approved invoices.

"Thanks to MediusFlow 93% of our invoices get automatically routed to the correct approver without any human intervention"
Regis Litre, CIO, Marc Jacobs

Take control of your AP invoice processing with MediusFlow:

  • Eliminate paper invoices, invoice keying, errors, invoice storage and rework
  • Process invoices without touching them: with PO match, automated coding and routing
  • Get the visibility you need and be able to detect who has the invoices and their status

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“Automating the AP processes has not only speeded up the approval process but it has also provided us with greater cash flow visibility to proactively control spending, manage liabilities and realize the benefits of available early payment terms.”
Liz Love, Head of AP Shared Service Centre, Morrison

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