Data capture and e-invoicing reduce costs and increase productivity

You won’t get rid of paper invoices for a while. The good news is we can help you handle them more efficiently with a best-in-class invoice scanning software. That way, you can handle all invoices regardless of form and format in a standardized and uniform process.


Save up to 90% with an efficient invoice capture software

Invoice scanning at the point of entry, or direct importing of electronic invoices can save you as much as 90 percent of the time used entering data manually. MediusFlow can process invoices of any format – EDI, e-invoices, PDF as well as paper, and convert the invoice data into your desired format, while applying your business rules. Original invoices are kept for archiving while you are provided with only the correct invoice content for your business processes.

Do you want to:

  • Handle paper invoices in a more efficient way?
  • Scan invoices at the point of entry?
  • Increase the share of electronic invoicing?
Yes. Show me how.

Businesses often prefer to receive e-invoices. It’s easy to understand why:

  • E-invoices are never lost in the mail
  • E-invoice data can be automatically validated and rejected if needed
  • E-invoices are processed faster, making it possible to capture more discounts
  • E-invoicing projects typically result in payback within a year

Are you new to e-invoicing? We’ll help you get started!

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