AP automation for better invoice control

Gain full visibility into your invoice process, free up time and eliminate manual tasks for good with a fully digital and automated accounts payable process.

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Why AP automation with MediusFlow?

The MediusFlow AP automation solution allows you to:

  • Free up time and resources by automating the invoice workflow
  • Avoid late payments by cutting down invoice processing lead times to just a few days
  • Enable fully automated – touchless – invoice processing for 90+% of your invoice volume
  • Serve your organization with a best-in-class tool for invoice approvals
  • Gain full visibility into the process to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement
  • Improve accuracy of financial reporting and closing procedures

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AP automation – the What, Why and How


Going paperless and digitizing your invoice workflow is just the starting point.

True AP automation means allowing the invoice processing solution to handle all tasks in the accounts payable process, removing manual workload and eliminating the risk of human errors.


AP automation helps you free up time and resources that can be spent on tasks that add more value.

Plus, with an AP automation solution in place, you gain visibility into the process and better control of financial reports.

You’ll also speed up your process, enabling you to avoid late payments and leverage supplier discounts.


1. Invoices of all types are entered and invoice data is validated.
2. PO-based invoices are matched against a purchase order, goods receipt or contract.
3. Expense invoices are automatically coded and distributed for approval.
4. Buyers and approvers are notified by email for easy approval via desktop or mobile devices.
5. The invoice is posted to the ERP ready for payment with no, or minimal, user intervention.

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