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In the manufacturing industry, manual invoice processing can choke your key business systems. With a countless number of invoices arriving daily, manual invoice management results in accounting staff spending a huge amount of time tracking down errant invoices and performing non-core tasks, rather than accounting functions. They probably also spend a lot of time checking on the progress and status of invoice approvals.

MediusFlow AP invoice automation solution allows you to automate invoice workflows to speed up the invoicing process, increase visibility and streamline the entire AP invoice process. Leveraging best practice from more than 1,700 customer installations around the globe, MediusFlow combines ease of use and powerful AP invoice processing functionality with an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing industry.

MediusFlow for manufacturing at a glance

“We have 400 users in the organizations that approve invoices, and the response after the implementation has been very positive. Our invoice process is simpler and more standardized after the implementation." 
William Puntervold, solution responsible, Elkem

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