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AP invoice automation with MediusFlow


AP invoice automation allows you to reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing as well as gain control and visibility. In fact, companies using MediusFlow have been able to automate the AP management so that up to 95% of invoices run through a fully touchless process.

Because MediusFlow is a true cloud solution we can present unique, real-life benchmark data that enables our customers to measure, track and benchmark their AP process performance. Our thorough AP automation expertise together with these benchmarks set you up for AP invoice processing excellence.

Invoice automation: How it works

  1. Capture data

    Start by consolidating all invoices into one capture channel. Our AP invoice automation solution can process both paper and electronic invoices (PDF, XML, etc.).

  2. Validate invoice information

    Automated invoice processing ensures validity of data, securing that you’re processing valid invoices and stopping bad invoices at the source.

  1. Match and approve invoices

    Invoices are matched against business rules, purchase orders, goods receipts or contracts, then automatically booked and set for settlement, while deviations are routed to appropriate staff. Invoice approval is easily done via web, mobile or tablet.

  2. Archive invoices

    All invoices are archived for reporting, analysis and future easy access.


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